September 1, 2015

In response to the petition concerning the Michigan Avenue Garage, Douglas Development Corporation has prepared this FAQ to ensure that accurate information about the project is publicly available and to address inaccurate statements currently being disseminated.

 1. How did this project come to fruition? What is the role of Children’s National in the project?

The construction of the garage was conceived by the developer, Douglas Development Corporation. Douglas Development owns the land, and improvements on and around the site. Several businesses in the neighborhood, which include other hospitals, had expressed interest in leasing spaces in the garage. Children’s National Medical Center is not the garage owner, but will be a tenant scheduled to lease parking spaces from Douglas Development.

2. How many parking spaces will be in the garage?

The garage will have 1441 parking spaces. Douglas Development is working with a few contractors in allocating a portion of the parking spaces dedicated to fuel-efficient vehicles.

3. What are the operating hours for the parking garage?

The garage will be open for 18 hours a day.

4. Should there be a concern for pedestrian safety when the garage is built?

No, the construction of the garage will positively impact pedestrian safety. In addition to improving the existing industrial vacant site, the project will also bring improvements to public space surrounding the site. Existing conditions at Michigan Avenue/Bunker Hill Road make for a very challenging site for vehicles, pedestrians and buses. With the development of the garage, along with other sites around the Metro comes private dollars in public space improvements. The project analysis includes current traffic patterns, signal design, an air quality study and recommendations to improving public space conditions to improve circulation at specific intersections. DDOT’s report will include recommendations for any public space improvements necessary to ensure safe traffic operations. 

5. Will the garage have ‘pay to park’ options?

This has not yet been determined.

6. What is a large tract review and why is it required for this project?

The Large Tract Review (LTR) application process is administered by the Office of Planning, in accordance with the requirements and standards of DCMR Title 10 Chapter 23. It is an administrative review by District agencies and the affected community to identify issues and provide feedback to the developer of a project prior to applying for a building permit. It serves as a way for the developer of a large tract of land to receive comments from city agencies and the community early in the planning and design process. Large Tract Review is required when a proposed development is: 

i. On a site of three or more acres in area;

ii. A commercial or mixed-use development exceeding 50,000 square feet in area; or 

iii. For a subdivision on a site of three to ten acres in area, if warranted. 

This press release along with project renderings can be found on Douglas Development Corporation’s  website

The project’s website will be released on September 13th. The Large Tract Review public meeting will be held at a date and time to be confirmed with ANC 5B.